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We’ve increased our presence in Africa: emergency power for a luxury hotel on Ivory Coast

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Statement COVID-19

Dear suppliers and clients:

Due to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 and following health recommendations as well as those by other administrations, at Genesal Energy we have adopted a series of preventive measures, while attempting to alter the company’s normal operation as little as possible, and remaining within the provisions, in their totality, contained in the Royal Decree 463/2020, of the 14 th of March, through which the current state of emergency has been declared for the management of the health crisis caused by the COVID-19. Therefore, from today onward, and, in principle, while the state of emergency lasts, all Genesal Energy staff members that are able to work from home will begin telecommuting, and new work shifts have been established in the different divisions in order to optimize resources in this exceptional situation. These decisions, which affect internal organization, have been made in order to minimize the impact of COVID-19 and as a question of social responsibility. This is our contribution to avoid spreading the virus and to be able to resume normal operation as soon as possible.

Although the company will continue, through all means possible, to operate at its usual level, we urge our suppliers and all clients who work with us to please cooperate by prioritizing communication via email (genesal@genesal.com) or through the e-mail address of each relevant staff member, as this will be the main channel of communication during the following weeks. In all cases, contact via our telephone number 981 674 158 will remain open.

On behalf of each staff member of the Genesal Energy group, we express our support to those affected by the coronavirus as well as our gratitude and solidarity to all health personnel who is working hard to keep the virus under control.

Genesal Energy Board of Directors.

Genesal Energy consolidates its growth

The company expands its headquarters by 3,000 square meters in order to increase its production capacity.

Genesal consolida su crecimiento en 2019

Genesal Energy consolidates its growth in order to tackle a 2020 full of projects in Spain and in the demanding international market

The company continues its international expansion in strategic sectors and countries with personalized customer service as well as services like the Technical Assistance Service

Power plants, electric substations, DPCs, hospitals, airports, food and telecommunication sectors. Genesal Energy is present in all of these industries thanks to the versatility and high specialization of its equipment. With more than 25 years’ experience (this year the Galician company celebrates its anniversary) and with branch offices in Mexico and Peru, the company is closing 2019 with constant and controlled growth and with its mind on a new year full of projects. Because Genesal Energy’s objective is to continue growing internationally with a presence in new markets like the Asian giant Taiwan, but also nationally by increasing its production capacity with new installations adding up to 3,300 square meters at its central headquarters in Bergondo (province of A Coruña).

Here are some success stories and challenges for the future.

New rental product lines:

The search for new lines of business within an increasingly competitive market is one of Genesal’s commitments, and the rental line, with some excellent results at the end of the first year of its launch by the company is an excellent example. Reliability and robustness define these gensets destined for the rental market. Following the success of this product line and the official presentation in Mexico, where four generators were subsequently delivered, the company will continue its commitment to these rental products throughout the 2020 fiscal year. They are special products, custom made so as to make maintenance easier, and fitted with state of the art GPS systems for their immediate geolocation in case of theft.

Emergency energy for large health centers: Toledo Hospital (Spain) and Montero Hospital (Bolivia)

Electricity is vital in hospitals and its absence can have fatal consequences, which is why it is necessary to have state-of-the-art emergency generator systems. Among the projects carried out by Genesal in 2019, a special mention should be given to the supplying of four generators to the new hospital in Toledo which will open in the first semester of the year. They are four generators of 2250 and 2500 kVA which will function in parallel. Outside Spain, Genesal Energy offers a turnkey service to Montero Hospital (Bolivia): three 410-450 kVA generators, which are soundproof, one of them automatic, the other two in parallel with the air outlet on the upper side in order to fit in with the installation.

Gaining ground in the wind energy sector: from Los Llanos to Monte Cristi

This year Genesal has strengthened its presence in the field of renewable energy with a good number of wind farms in its portfolio. For example, in 2019, the company supplied emergency equipment for the substations in Oriche and Venta Vieja, in the province of Teruel, Montilla del Palancar (province of Cuenca) and in Serra das Penas (province of Lugo), and also for the wind farm in Los Llanos (province of Málaga), an installation for which we manufactured and delivered turnkey equipment. Internationally, we delivered a 100% personalized generator for the wind farm in Monte Cristi (Dominican Republic), whereas for the Agua Clara wind farm on the same Caribbean island, Genesal’s Engineering Department designed and manufactured a hurricane-proof generator for the whole park, which has 25 air generators, supplying power for 250,000 persons.

Biomass plants: the Viseu and Fundão stations

In Portugal there are two stations considered prime examples in the production of clean and renewable energy. They are the biomass plants located in Viseu and Fundão, repectively. Genesal installed special tailor-made equipment in both of these facilities.

More projects in Mexico: the combined-cycle power facility Topolobampo III

Genesal Energy’s strong presence in Mexico results in numerous projects, some of which are on a very large scale. Such is the case of the Topolobampo III combined-cycle power facility, whose founding in the municipality of Ahome was encouraged by the Mexican Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), and which will supply power to more than 2.5 million people. It will start operating in 2020 and the emergency power for it will be supplied by Genesal.

Tailor-made generators for the Saudi Embassy in Chad

The embassy of Saudi Arabia in Chad also uses emergency power from this Spanish brand. Concretely, the order consisted of three sets of tailor-made generators of two different powers: of 2 x 1.000/1.100 (ojo, en español, también está mal, sobra un 0) kVA, 2 x 1.500/1.650 kVA and 2 x 25-27 kVA respectively, supposed to work in parallel.

Bigger presence in Asia: entry into Taiwan

The growth witnessed in Southeast Asia over the last two years was strengthened in 2019 with the addition of a new market: Taiwan. Said country is one of the most powerful economies in the world and Genesal entered its market through several projects. In total, we have supplied the Government 13 generators. It’s our aim to continue to expand the market with new operations.

New year, new challenges

The good results obtained in the 2019 fiscal year, which has seen a constant growth, induces optimism once again. The company, after 25 years of presence in the energy sector, has now grown up and expanded its central installations in Bergondo (province of A Coruña) by 3000 square meters. The new space is meant to provide the necessary production capacity in order to tackle the new challenges by an orderly growth, given that Genesal Energy’s main aim is always the customer, who should never feel unsupported, the company states.

An example of this commitment to close attention and personalized projects -a hallmark of our company- is the boost received by the Technical Assistance Service (SAT) Department -now an indisputable benchmark in matters of remote management and multi-branding- a section which is closing the year with a steady growth and the modernization of its vehicle fleet, a process which takes into account the latest developments in ergonomics.

As far as the expansion plans are concerned, Genesal Energy will maintain its international vocation. In this regard, although Europe and Latin America are its main markets, the company pays very special attention to others, such as Qatar and Taiwan, as well as the African market, a real challenge for the energy sector.


Get to know our 2019 projects

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Remote management, added value in Genesal Energy’s Technical Support Service

Remote management and SAT

Our Technical Support Service closed 2019 with sustained growth and the modernization of its vehicle fleet, which incorporates the latest ergonomic improvements.

Guaranteeing the reliability of our gensets and offering the best customer service are the pillars of Genesal Energy’s Techical Support Service, which in the last years has grown spectacularly. Our Technical Support Service is our maintenance, installation and reparation service which offers specialized attention with a clear objective: to achieve the best performance of the equipment to fully comply with the client’s needs.

“We’re a reference company when it comes to remote management and multi-brand service”, Marga González, Technical Support Manager, explains, adding that predictive maintenance (remote management and supervision system) has turned the Galician company in a reference company, both nationally and internationally, in the detection of possible breakdowns as well as the status of any unit through a stationary or mobile internet connection. Adjustments are also carried out remotely, impacting action time directly “as it is reduced considerably”, the area manager points out.

Comfort and security

More than 30 professionals form this business line which last year closed its accounts with a sustained growth in maintenance and has modernized its vehicle fleet through the incorporation of the market’s latest ergonomic improvements in order to avoid staff fatigue and make their job more comfortable. “We don’t consider it an expense, but an investment in quality for the peace of mind of our clients and employees. It’s a win-win”, says Marga González.

Their own load banks and a 24 hour service are the hallmark of Genesal Energy’s Technical Support Service. “Knowledge and innovation allow us to provide exclusive and personalized solutions, tailor-made for our clients”, says González.

Case Studies

The update of four gensets for an important television network has been one of Genesal Energy’s Technical Support Service’s latest projects. In this case, the existing controllers for parallel operation were substituted for three state-of-the-art control panels, and new circuit breakers were installed.

Our Technical Support team also carried out the update of the genset fleet of the substations of an important global electrical company in order to carry out predictive maintenance works. For this project, the substitution of more that 30 control panels, communication cards, pressure, temperature and fuel sensors were carried out in record time in order to comply with the client’s needs.

Another succesful project consisted in the study of the Modbus mapping of the genset fleet of an important telecommunications company to integrate the predictive maintenance of its units into its management and remote control system. For its execution, Genesal Energy analyzed almost a hundred mappings according to the features of each piece of equipment, their operation, environmental factors, climate…

Find out more about our maintenance service


We’re launching a new rental range gensets ready for rental

Premio Pyme del año 2019

We’re SME of the year!

Energía de Hoy interviews Alexander Blanco López, head of the Operations Management department

Operations Management is one of our most strategic departments. The magazine Energía de Hoy expressed interest in finding out how it works, its development and its operation. We’re sharing with you the interview that the magazine had with its Head of Department, Alexander Blanco López, in order to get a closer understanding of this area.

Alexander Blanco López is the Head of Operations Management at Genesal Energy. He studied Industrial Design in Ferrol and upon obtaining his post-graduate qualifications in the University of A Coruña he began working in Genesal Energy in January of 2007. Throughout these past 12 years, Blanco has grown professionally in the company. He is currently the Head of Operations Management, coordinating the interrelationship between the company’s different departments.

As you’ve made it known to the public, 2018 has been a very positive year for the company both in the international as well as the domestic market. What is Genesal Energy’s success based on?
From my point of view, our success is based on, above all, our versatility. In Genesal Energy we advise our customers, we assist them from the beginning because not only do we manufacture gensets, we also carry out “turnkey” projects which means we’re on top of everything during the whole process. We design and manufacture custom-made units, we take care of the installation, commissioning and subsequential maintenance works. I think that’s the key. While other big companies only manufacture, for us, the process starts when the client has an energy requirement and lets us know about it, and from that moment onwards we assist them, advising them and accompanying them at all times. Our link with the client doesn’t end in the factory. In reality, at Genesal Energy we’re really devoted to a comprehensive and highly personalised service. We don’t believe in the concept of mass production. Every sale the sales department closes we take on as a personalised project and a relationship of trust.

What perspective do you have for 2019?
We want to continue growing. 2018 was a very good year, the company took a great leap forward. For this reason our goals are centered around at least maintaining the levels achieved in the last fiscal year, where turnover grew 40% from 2017. The objective is to maintain these numbers, to consolidate them and to continue in the path of continuous and sustained growth.

This year you’ll be launching the new canopies by ranges. What will be their main features?
We’re finalizing the development of the first model of the new canopies so that the client, when they receive our gensets, perceive great quality. We’ve wanted to take it a step further and improve key aspects like utility and maintenance without them having an impact on the cost. The new canopies will adapt better to our our new production systems. In Genesal Energy we install different brands, both in the realm of engines and alternators and now, with this new generation of canopies, the sound attenuation of the gensets will improve and maintenance works will be simplified. This improvement has been promoted by the experience we’re acquiring not only in our own market, but also in other external markets where the requirement levels are higher, by taking note of this and trying to achieve excellence.

The development of products for the international market is without a doubt one of your strengths. Where does Genesal Energy operate exactly? Do you expect to expand this market short or medium term?
At Genesal Energy we carry out projects across the five continents and we have a magnificent relationship with big companies who develop projects worldwide and who we support. In this sense, the commercial department treats all our clients as if they were the only one, as they really are the ones who help to not only maintain us where we are, but also to improve and continue growing. It’s because of this that all throughout the month of January, a team of the Genesal Energy sales department travelled around the world to continue strengthening the relationships with clients and suppliers.

Offering a comprehensive service to your clients also contributes to the success of this company. What does this service entail?
We offer complete support to the client: telephone assistance, in situ, we visit their site, we take care of the set-up of the genset in any type of installation. We respond to any of their technical queries. On the other hand, once they’ve made a purchase order, we carry out a custom-made design, we manufacture the product, we carry out tests in our headquarters in Bergondo (100% of the manufactured units are tested before leaving the factory, at 110% of the load), we send over the genset, install it, and then we carry out another test in situ. We also offer our after-sales maintenance service throughout the whole lifespan of the genset.
At Genesal Energy, we don’t leave any part of the process on the sidelines. We’re aware of every detail, from the most basic elements to the genset’s maintenance works, both in the preventive and corrective sense. And if any fault should occur, we’re always there, implementing remote maintenance systems through which we know the status of the genset in real time and are made aware of any problems that could arise, carrying out the necessary preventive actions before a mains failure could occur and the genset is no longer working. We look for excellence for our customers, we know they make large investments in machinery that costs a lot of money, so we must guarantee their correct operation.

Source: Interempresas Media – Energía de hoy Magazine