Genesal Energy takes part on the 17th DCD Connect Madrid

Genesal Energy will attend the 17th edition of the prestigious DCD Connect event, scheduled for 21st and 22nd of May in Madrid. This forum will bring together more than 1,400 leading national and international professionals from the data centre sector for two intense days. The Galician company will highlight its role as a key partner in the supply of distributed energy. In addition, this edition will be especially significant, as Genesal Energy will attend in collaboration with one of its trusted suppliers, the French company Moteurs Baudouin.

During this networking event, Genesal Energy’s CEO – Jose Manuel Fernández – together with the national sales manager – Miguel Vieites – will represent the company and share experiences with the attendees. They will showcase  the latest innovations designed by Genesal for critical installations.

DCD Connect is recognised as an experiential event that allows for the exchange of knowledge and the exploration of the most advanced technologies to meet an ever-increasing demand. As in previous editions, it will be attended by world leaders in the data centre industry.

Genesal Energy, tailor-made energy

Genesal Energy, based in the Northwest of Spain, stands out as a business group dedicated to the distributed energy sector. With a strong focus on innovation, specialisation and sustainability, the company designs, manufactures, and supplies high quality generator sets worldwide. Internationalisation is central to its business strategy, with more than 70% of its turnover coming from exports. It also has subsidiaries in Mexico and Peru, and its products are marketed in more than 40 countries.


Genesal Energy launches an Augmented Reality mobile application to visualise our generator sets ‘in situ’.

We light up stadiums

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Genesal Energy participates in Data Centre World London, Europe’s leading trade fair specialising in data centres.

Welcome 2024! We turn 30 full of positive energy

Innovation, internationalisation and sustainability will guide our path in 2024. These are three foundations of Genesal Energy. The fourth, of course, is the customer. Under this premise, we start a new year with renewed enthusiasm and with the aim of finding new green fuels that contribute reducing carbon footprint. We are developing increasingly sustainable solutions with the purpose of consolidating and seeking new markets. These will be our main challenge in a very special year because Genesal Energy is in its prime: We turn 30!

Over the next 12 months, our efforts will focus on continuing the path started three decades ago: bringing the best emergency power to every corner of the world. Now, also developing and prioritising more sustainable energy models. The planet demands advanced and efficient solutions, and we will spare no effort to achieve it.

Our business strategy for 2024 is focused on delivering cutting-edge projects, most of them one hundred percent customised, designed by and for the customer, taking into account their needs and criteria. Listening then producing.

We will also pay special attention to cultivating and promoting key aspects in the development of any company: training & education, seeking sustainability in each of our actions. In the latter case, we will do so through Greenesal, the energy transition plan that already identifies us in the energy sector as a benchmark in this area.

Genesal energy transition office in Madrid

Our passion, our projects:

From Bolivia to Tajikistan: internationalisation as a flagship.

The development of efficient solutions will mark our production in 2024 thanks to our R&D department which is more committed than ever to the energy transition and renewable energies. The application of new technologies will be key to differentiate us in the generator set market, offering our customers the latest advances in a fast-changing and highly competitive sector.

The international character of the company, far from diminishing, will increase this year. Our short and medium-term forecasts show an upward trend of sustained growth.

Genesal Energy will celebrate its 30th anniversary with the maturity of a business group that does not forget its origins: Internationalisation without losing the essence of an SME. It is not in vain that we define ourselves as a micro-multinational. And it is with this spirit, an SME which thinks big, that we lead projects in all markets and sectors, from healthcare to transport, residential, military or data centres. Ten, a hundred or 10,000 kilometres away from our headquarters in Northern Spain you can find our engineering.

During 2023, our production line delivered at a good pace, both in Spain and in our subsidiaries in Mexico and Peru, without neglecting any sector and offering our after-sales services in all types of ranges and products.

Our recent projects include everything from the manufacture and supply of emergency power units for the Gastroenterology Hospital in La Paz, Bolivia – installed at an altitude of over 3,600 metres – to the reinforcement of security at the new 12 de Octubre Hospital in Madrid.

We also participated in the modernisation of a hydroelectric plant in Tajikistan to help fighting climate change. Tailor-made projects as those for numerous data centres (both in the Spanish market and in the rest of the European Union), for strategic military sectors or to shield the Railways operation in the Spanish capital. And we will continue walking the same path.

We are growing: A new Factory in Bergondo and OFITE in Madrid

New manufacturing plant for generating sets in Bergondo

The opening of our first Energy Transition Office (OFITE) in Madrid was added to the entry into service of a new industrial building in Bergondo, more than 10,000 square metres which will become one of the neural centres of our organisation.

The photovoltaic façade and OGGY project: benchmarks in sustainability

In 2024, finding new sustainable fuels will be a must. It is urgent as the challenges of decarbonisation are many and new energy solutions will arise. The implementation of transformative projects will therefore be another of the priorities for the new year. In this context, HVO is presented as a solid alternative for the future energy scenario. ‘What works today may no longer be useful tomorrow’. We need to innovate.

To adapt to this ever-changing scenario, we have been combining theory with practice for some time now. Continuous innovation and training are the first step before any action. We believe it is necessary to cultivate both fields.

The inauguration of our photovoltaic façade – the first integral industrial façade in Galicia and one of the few in Spain – in our premises in the Bergondo Industrial Estate was one of the milestones of 2023. It marked a turning point with the visit of the president of the Region, Alfonso Rueda, and with the recognition of the sector in the form of awards. The entry into service of its 126 photovoltaic panels became the best proof that we are very serious about sustainability and that we lead by example.

For the same reason, we have developed our own energy management system: OGGY (Off Grid Genesal Energy), which puts us on the right path to energy self-sufficiency and optimises our energy use at all times. We strive for excellence.
All these actions are part of Greenesal, the strategic plan designed to navigate the energy transition and designed to align our processes with the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Energy management system: OGGY (Off Grid Genesal Energy)

Genesal Energy Energy Transition Professorship. In the core of the University

We are a startup launcher: Velca is the first one

The events, awards and seminars organised under the umbrella of the Genesal Energy-USC Energy Transition Professorship will be another important chapter in 2024. Last year highlights as the ‘II Seminar on Corporate Carbon Footprint for SMEs’ or the ‘II Seminar on STEM Women and Energy Transition: moving towards a sustainable future’, put us in contact with the teaching world and with the new generations. An ideal way to search for talent, which we will continue to promote with new calls for the Genesal Energy Professorship awards.

In 2023, we also diversified by taking a stake in Velca, a young company with a great future ahead of it. They manufacture and market electric motorbikes and bicycles. It was the first startup to join our Genesal Energy startup launcher initiative and it brings together everything we look for: talent, innovation and sustainability.

Velca Shareholders

Public-private collaboration

On a different note, we bid farewell to the year with a commitment to public-private collaboration becoming part of ‘Recursos de Galicia’, a joint venture owned by the Xunta de Galicia (Region’s Government) and 32 other companies from different sectors. An exciting project we believe to be the starting point of a stronger and more solid Galician industrial network.

Innovation and sustainability are, once again, our hallmarks for the year ahead. They will guide us in this very special 30th year of the company. A new stage with solid experience acquired and many new, ambitious and exciting projects in the pipeline.


Energy Transition: Generator Sets Importance

Taking care of our staff (visual fatigue)