Genesal Energy supports sustainable mobility and becomes shareholder of Velca

We have started our way into sustainable mobility becoming shareholders of VELCA, the Spanish start-up which manufactures electrical bikes & motorbikes and is currently increasing its capital.

Genesal Energy entra en el accionariado de Velca

This decision marks a milestone in our business strategy. ‘We keep following the guidelines in our strategic plan, GREENESAL’, say company CEOs Julio Arca and Jose Fernandez.

Genesal diversifies and builds intelligence on sustainable mobility and responsible investment in start-ups. VELCA is going to be the first company joining our, coming soon, Emerging Business Launcher.

Business Launcher and Incubator

Firstly, our incubator will allow Genesal Energy to enter the capital of emerging, like-minded companies, facilitating the investment to develop their projects. A kind of patronage.

Then launching their production stage providing industrial support and facilities will allow these companies to focus and devote all their resources to the business development.

Sustainability and Innovation will be the main criteria for choosing projects’ sponsorship. Both factors are central to our road map. Not by accident, our Energy Transition Plan was the pioneer establishing the first Energy Transition Professorship in Galicia hand in hand with the University of Santiago de Compostela. Not to mention our unique integral photovoltaic building façades.

Genesal Energy entra en el accionariado de Velca

Industrial Investment

We have the ability to incubate and launch companies, for instance, providing production lines outside the regular Genesal Energy shifts’, states Arca.

Bringing production home, to Galicia

Nowadays, VELCA’s headquarters are located in Madrid, but their intention is moving operations to Galicia. ‘From minute one I was determined to bring VELCA to Galicia. It’s now just closing down some details with the Administration but I feel profoundly grateful with the Galician entrepreneurs and its firm commitment to this project’ tells VELCA’s founder and CEO, Galician-born, Emilio Frojan.

Currently, the company hires production lines in China or Poland where they manufacture the 75% of the vehicle that is finished in their San Fernando de Henares workshop in Madrid.