We closed 2020 focusing our attention and supply on hospitals, having been awarded with prestigious recognitions such as the Ardán and Potencia awards.

Increasing new business models, such as our Rental range in Mexico, and clean energy sources: amongst our biggest challenges this year

Designing generator sets adapted to each installation and location is our reason for being. We’ve been doing it for more than 26 years with a clear focus on innovation and service that truly sets us apart, centered around highly customized and comprehensive processes, where the client is always the priority.

The implementation of the most advanced technology and proximity to our clients marked our journey in 2020, a very complicated year for everyone, a year which shook up the world and changed our lives, plans and strategies. At Genesal Energy, more than ever we showed the importance of being glued to hospitals, emergency services and supply centers, and, within our condition as an essential service -as decreed by the Government after the declaration of the state of emergency- we intensified our service to our customers even more.

The fight against the pandemic translated into a greater but essential effort on behalf of everyone at Genesal Energy. We participated in healthcare operations, collaborated with Doctors Without Borders in providing assistance to those left most vulnerable by Covid-19, and amongst our numerous projects for the healthcare sector was the design of the emergency power network for the Enfermera Isabel Zendal Hospital in Madred, also known as the Pandemic Hospital.

Rental Range

As well as reinforcing our production, maintenence and emergency genset supply services in the battle against coronavirus, we didn’t let out gaurd down in the international market either, carrying out a number of projects which were completely customized from beginning to end thanks to the tight cooperation between each of our departments.

In this sense, our Technical Assistance Service (SAT) team, having remote management or attention 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as its hallmark, will continue being absolutely crucial in our mid and long term plans in order to maintain maximum quality and effectiveness, while the rental model will ocupy a greater space, as it has deservedly earned.

Our Rental range experimented great growth during 2020 (and has been since 2017) with magnificent data set on an ascending curve in countries such as Peru, and this 2021, the rental of emergency power will without a doubt take center stage in Mexico, where we will launch new facilities, triple our staff, and offer a fleet of over fifty top-of-the-range gensets.

Positive impact of renewables

Innovation has been, once again, the key ingredient this year in the processes of our CETED, focused on searching for and providing the most advanced energy solutions, and we applied this focus on new technologies in our sustainability efforts.

The energy industry’s increased awareness for the planet is a maximum priority in our company as the demand for environmentally friendly gensets is ever-increasing, especially due to the implementation of the European Stage V norm. For this reason, great part of our efforts continues to center around finding techniques for a greater adaptation and renovation of generator set production processes and techniques. The objective is clear: reduce emissions as much as possible or mitigate noise pollution as much as possible with reliable generator sets featuring optimal sound insulation levels.


In this aspect, our participation in the boost of clean energy sources has increased considerably in the last years, with our cooperation in a great amount of projects worldwide.

We were granted with the prestigious Ardán indicators “Global Company” and “Innovative Company” and the Potencia award (the latter, for one of our projects in Chile), a real accolade for our work. We couldn’t be more proud of these awards, or more excited to start the new year. A 2021 full of projects where we’ll continue growing and innovating with the best energy.