Transport & energy – key strategic undertakings for Genesal Energy in Mexico

Two combined cycle power plants – Emplame II in Sonora State, and Valle de Mexico in Acolman – are prime examples of the type of large scale projects which are in Genesal Energy’s agenda for delivery this year in Mexico. The gensets of these two mega-projects by the Mexican Government, have been designed and manufactured almost 10,000 kilometres way in Spain, home of Genesal Energy, a company dedicated to the distributed energy sector, and responsible for exporting the “brand “globally.

GEN2000HC – Empalme II                                   GEN2178TC – Valle México

The numbers tell the true story of Genesal Energy’s international focus and growth: their products can be found in over 30 countries in 5 continents, with exports accounting for 65% of all production. Branches are integrated into Peru, Panama whilst business began in Mexico in 2009 leading to a recognition of the long-term potential of the region, and subsequently a branch office operational since 2014 in central Mexico City. Genesal in Mexico has established a strong presence in the principal business and industrial regions of the capital itself, as well as Monterrey, Leon and Guadalajara, in what is Latin America’s third biggest country.

In the last few years Genesal have been involved in more than 10 major projects and success stories including large scale public works such as the cogeneration power plant in Afranrent, the first submerged transport tunnel in Latin America (Coatzacoalcos) and even the new airport in Mexico City. Today Genesal supplies multinationals, the government and small businesses around the country. “Mexico had to be a leading player in our international expansion. It offers many possibilities.” Explained Iago Crespo, General Manager Mexico for Genesal Energy.


GEN1719HC –  Afranrent Plant                             GEN2407H – Tunnel Coatzacoalcos

The company, whose growth continues unabated in this central American region, and that has doubled their turnover in 3 years, is now setting its sights on the energy and transport industries, sectors with enormous potential for business, especially with the commencement of the energy reforms carried out by the government.

“In the past, resources were in the hands of state-controlled companies, but procedures have changed, there is less bureaucracy, and more options,” explains Crespo, who confirms that the Mexican client is demanding in terms of timings and prices “and above all in the service expected.”

Innovation and on-demand service

Without doubt, one of the secrets of Genesal Energy’s success in the international market has been their ability to quickly adapt. Through their constant innovation, and high-level engineering, a very personalised service can also be noted, added value in Mexico which does not go unnoticed. “The difference is in our comprehensive service, quality and flexibility.” points out Crespo, “When we turn up we focus on supply, installation and maintenance, but more and more our clients insist we act more comprehensively, offering for example complete genset packages.”

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