Our challenge in 2022:
sustainability without excuses

The path to cleaner and more sustainable energy models is unstoppable and at Genesal Energy we are moving in that direction with the aim of not losing our way. There is no plan B for the planet. We are very aware that the ecological transition is a path of no return and, therefore, a large part of the projects in which we participated in 2021 had sustainability as a common denominator.

For the same reason, in the future -both short and medium term- we will focus our efforts on fulfilling the commitments established by the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through a process of identification and prioritization of the most relevant goals to the company, which are already an indissoluble part of our business strategy.

Despite the effects of the pandemic, at Genesal Energy we have finished this 2021 very proud of what we have achieved, and we will welcome the new year with great projects on our agenda based on two pillars: internationalization and innovation as our flagship.

Keep growing

The commitment to research as a tool to stand out in the market has marked our trajectory and has allowed us to grow both nationally and internationally since our inception. In this highly competitive context, the application of new technologies to the products we design is an important asset to continue growing.

In a year of transition due to the health crisis, at Genesal Energy we had the chance to attend face-to-face events and to participate, for example, in the Mindtech Fair, which as held in September in Vigo. At one of the most prominent premises in the sector at a European level, we showed part of what we are already achieving, and we advance much of what we intend to achieve in the field of ecological transition.

At our stand we showed the Hybrid Microgeneration system, which combines several batteries powered by different renewable sources, generator sets with Stage V diesel engines (complying with European emissions regulation) and gas generators. These are three examples of progress on the path of energy efficiency and emissions neutrality by 2050. During 2022, the investment in products that prioritize energy efficiency will be reinforced as we believe that it is the way we must follow to help the planet. This is our grain of sand.

Genesal Energy’s Stage V diesel engines

Thus, proactivity becomes one of the maxims of the company to achieve increasingly clean and sustainable energy. Our commitment to renewable energies is already a reality and this has been demonstrated also in the last twelve months, contributing, for example, to the development of facilities such as the future Fenicias wind farm in Mexico, which will allow to stop emitting more than 320,000 tons of CO2 per year, or with the emergency power supply to power the substation of a large photovoltaic plant in Atacama (Chile), one of the largest energy projects in this country.

Sustainability is also very present in Cabrera Solar, the largest photovoltaic plan in Andalusia and one of the largest in Europe, where we have participated with the manufacture of a generator set.

Genesal Energy generator set in a wind farm

The future is called hydrogen

part from the progressive transition to gas, hydrogen is the next stop in terms of sustainability. At the company we bet on this, and we have participated in projects of this kind by providing emergency systems that produce energy without emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for several green hydrogen plants in Barcelona and Ciudad Real.

As we are aware of the importance of practicing what we preach, we not only design generator sets for sustainable installations, but we also try to apply the same philosophy at home. In this sense, one of our latest projects (which is currently under development) is the photovoltaic façade of our headquarters in Spain. Because we believe that every gesture counts.

Next photovoltaic façade of our headquarters in Spain

Our R+D+i department is the spearhead of the company, the kitchen where everything is cooked and where special projects arise. Ad hoc solutions that have paved the way for us in a diversified and changing energy market.

The diversity and adaptability of our equipment to each scenario and to each need, our adapted solutions, are our guarantees of success to withstand extreme temperatures, from Algeria -I n 2021 we participated in the creation of the Sonelgaz plant, capable of operating at 55 ° C – to Qatar, where we delivered generator sets to be located in the desert.

Low temperature generator sets, such as the one created for the LitPol Link substation -which is part of the interconnection power line between Poland and Lithuania-, are also benchmarks, as well as our Rental range, with a large presence in Peru and Mexico.

Facilities for our rental range at Genesal Energy Mexico

During this year, the pandemic has been very present, and despite all its negative consequences, Genesal Energy has been considered an essential service all this time through. Therefore, we are charged with positive energy more than ever. We investigate, we advance and we strengthen ourselves. We contribute to guaranteeing safety in vital centres and critical facilities such as hospitals, ports or airports, and in the service sector we design emergency power for hotels, office and administrative complexes…

The close relationships with our customers, the comprehensive services in which we assume the whole process of the chain, from design to manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of each of the groups that leave our factory, are part of our identity. These characteristics are now joined by a key factor: sustainability, the commitment without excuses for clean and sustainable energy. This must be our future.

La proximidad con el cliente, los servicios integrales en los que asumimos todo el proceso de la cadena, desde el diseño hasta la fabricación, suministro, instalación y mantenimiento de cada uno de los grupos que salen de nuestra fábrica, forman parte de nuestra identidad. A estas características se une ahora un factor clave: la sostenibilidad, la apuesta sin excusas por energías limpias y sostenibles. Es el futuro en el que debemos estar.

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