To help meet the needs of the client in terms of off remote management, GENESAL ENERGY offers a remote-control management system for gensets via ethernet.

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Control & Supervision of Gensets

Our remote-control management system unified with the latest technologies in genset development has ensured that GENESAL ENERGY is considered a global reference, not just in fault detection but also the state of any genset anywhere in the world using nothing more than an internet connection whther fixed or mobile.

Additionally, the visualisation of faults and readjustments can be done remotely and in real time, having a direct impact on the time taken to respond to issues.

  • On-site revision by our experts during the installation of the genset.
  • The possibility to monitor and control the generator set via Apple or Android systems with fault alarms also programmed.
  • Evaluation of the state of the genset with the assistance of historical data.
  • Reduction in expenditure associated with services due to reduced need for supervision and intervention in relation to equipment control.
  • Reduction in the number of unexpected warning and elimination of reactive maintenance.
  • Ability to carry out remote testing of the genset verifying all measurements and even remotely re-setting alarms.