From our head office near A Coruña in Northwest Spain, we export our products to 30 countries in 5 continents.

Our energy,
Our identity

After 25 years in the industry, we’ve generated a lot more than power.

We’ve innovated with the creation of our cutting-edge gensets, we’ve developed and perfected distributed power and we’ve reached 30 countries in 5 continents. After everything we’ve generated, it is with pride that we say that we are generators.

About Us

We are a business based in the Galician region of Spain with over 20 years of experience in the distributed energy sector.

As well as offering standard gensets both reliable and efficient, we are focused on the personalisation of our products. Through our in-house projects department, we bring extra value in technical ability with relation to developing specialist solutions. This includes viability assessments, detailed planning, execution and on-site commissioning carried out by expert engineers.


We are a Spanish company which has been supplying energy to both industry and private clients since 1994.

Our aim is to offer efficient solutions for any type of energy challenge, whilst adapting the product to the proposed situation.


We are looking for a paradigm shift within the actual energy industry to ensure a more significant role for distributed energy within the future of the sector.

To fulfil this aim we are centred on consistently over-achieving, as well as the constant innovation in technology, techniques and products.

and Excellence

Excellence in Manufacturing and Service

From the very beginning, Genesal Energy has set as a primary objective the production of high quality power generators that suit the specific needs of each client. This has been possible through focusing our business in innovation and the specialization of production processes and services.

Quality Management

In Genesal ENERGY we work every day to satisfy the wishes and expectations of our customers by increasing the quality of our services, both technical and commercial.

Quality Manufacturing

The quality of our power generators is the result of the efforts put into planning the prevention, detection, correction and continuous improvement throughout the production cycle. In order to achieve a high quality product we are aware that we must work with our suppliers and partners in a global and timely manner for mutual benefit.

Quality Service

Every member of our staff is aware of and responsible for the quality of their work, but at the same time, we understand product quality and service as a common task of all areas and this requires the active integration of the entire company team. Therefore, the priority objective for the management are motivation and training at all levels.

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