GENESAL ENERGY diesel generators are manufactured under the strictest conditions and to the highest standards. They are assembled with motors and alternators made by the most reliable brands on the market, resulting in low noise emitting generators with low power consumption and 100% reliability.


Filter Products



Don’t worry if you cannot find the product that suits your needs, simply contact our sales department, and we will give you a personalised solution to the characteristics you present to us.


We design very specialised gensets, taking care of even the smallest details. Once we have studied the characteristics and needs for the client’s project, we design an innovative and efficient solution ensuring the client has the exact amount of energy required for their particular situation.


Find the product which best adapts to your requirements.



  • Electronic engine control
  • Coolant Level Sensor
  • Fuel pre-filter and water separator
  • Two stage cyclone filters
  • Remote chiller with plate heat exchangers, dry cooler with circulation pump
  • Manual dump pump and oil filler
  • Nickel Cadmium (Ni -CD) Batteries 12V/24V
  • Battery cut off
  • Air start system
  • Automatic oil filler
  • Centrifugal oil filter
  • Double fuel filter with by-pass system
  • Manual / electrical fuel pump
  • Dual frequency (dual 50-60 Hz)

Control panel and functions

  • Shared loading and synchronization
  • Expansion module for remote signals
  • Controller with communication CANbus, Modbus, Profibus.
  • Remote Control Module via Ethernet: RS232-485 ans SNMP
  • Personalised control panel with PLC (Siemens, Rockwell etc), touch screen & protection relay (ANSI norms)
  • Fuel level system for automatic diesel filling with solenoid closing valve


  • Medium voltage
  • Bare shaft with two roller bearings
  • Permanent magnet generator (PMG)
  • De-misting elements
  • Multiple voltage settings
  • PT100 probes in bearings and coilings
  • Close circuit air-air heat exchangers
  • Tropicalisation, marine adaptation and aggressive industrial environments


  • Stainless steel / aluminium canopy
  • Super silent soundproofing and sound deflectors
  • Power sockets
  • Sand filter incorporated in canopy air-intake
  • Particle filters
  • Removable side panels
  • External fuel transfer connection
  • Adapted to Seismic norms
  • Customised design upon request

10’/20’/30’/40’ Containers

  • Ultra-compact soundproof system, up to 2000 kVA in 6 metres longitude and 85dB
  • Automatic and heated blinds
  • Non-slip floor
  • Adapted to extremely low temperatures (-40ºC)
  • High solar protection roof panel
  • Snow deflecting roof panel
  • Fire detection and extinguishing system
  • Adapted to Seismic norms
  • Interior compartments are independent (control room, the genset and fuel tank)
  • Control room incorporates climate control


  • 4 poles automatic motorized circuit breaker
  • Fuel tank options: different sizes, double walled, dangerous fluids, drip tray, automatic fuel transfer system, leakage detection
  • Silenced air inlets and outlets for interior compartments
  • Low noise emission exhaust pipe
  • Tailormade installations
  • Corrective and preventative maintenance management


Our focus on innovating while developing, has allowed us to design complete ranges of standard diesel gensets with a wide variety of configurations permitting extensive flexibility when responding to our clients demands.

Our diesel gensets are grouped as per the amount of power they supply:

50 Hz:

XS Power: 5-22 kVA
S Power: 23-110 kVA
M Power: 111-385 kVA
L Power: 386-825 kVA
XL Power: 826-3900 kVA

60 Hz:

XS Power: 6,6-22 kVA
S Power: 23-125 kVA
M Power: 126-395 kVA
L Power: 396-940 kVA
XL Power: 941-3900 kVA


The XS power range has been designed for applications where low power output is required. The gensets consist of a mix of high performance with low carbon emissions, easy maintenance. They are also highly autonomous due to their low fuel consumption coupled with a large interior fuel tank. These gensets are compact and light, they are ideal for domestic environments.


The S power range is our most versatile range of gensets. This range is the combination of high reliability and versatility to adapt to a wide range of applications. These gensets are high performance products with a wide range of power options for both domestic and professional use.


The M power range is the answer to industrial needs for a product to deal with médium output requirements. Within this range, we find the ideal option of a high-performance generator with a multitude of options in order to adapt to the clients specifications; this incudes specialised developments, generators for emergency situations, even continued power where there is no grid or the mains power is unreliable.


The L power range is designed to meet high energy demands for areas not considered heavy industry. One of the highlights of this range is the ability of several GENESAL ENERGY gensets to work in parallel with each other, as well as the ratio power/m2 which these compact gensets supply, therefore they are ideal for supplying substantial amounts of power in small spaces.


The XL power range is the answer to the needs of heavy industry with high output requirements. This range of gensets is defined by its ease of installation at the end user; a design entirely adapted to the customer specs; transport versatility in the logistics phase.