A wind farm in Baja California, key in Genesal’s efforts towards clean energy

Energías renovables: la nueva apuesta Genesal Energy en parque eólico en Baja California, México

Baja California is one of the Mexican states with a strong focus on renewable energy, and the San Matías wind farm is one of the latest examples. The installation, now in its construction phase, will generate 30 MW, and include eight wind turbines of 2,5 MW and 20 MW. Its comissioning, expected in 2021, will improve the lives of Baja California’s inhabitants, including the kiliwas, an indigenous tribe living in Baja California.

At Genesal Energy we participated in the project though the design, manufacturing and supply of two 200-220 kVA gensets. At Genesal Energy, renewable energy is a market in expansion in which we believe, and we position ourselves in the first positions in the ranking with international projects such as those carried out in Mexico, Oman and the Dominican Republic.

  • WHERE:

    Baja California (Mexico)


    GEN220FI + GEN220F


    To provide emergency power to a wind farm.


  • Engine with electronic speed regulation.
  • Approved, double-walled 2.000L fuel tank for the GEN220F and 3.000L for the GEN220FI.
  • 24V start-up, to comply with CFE standards.
  • Yellow 17 paint, in compliance with CFE standards.
  • Alternator anti-condensation heater.
  • Excitation current and voltage measurement.
  • Control panel heater.
  • DNP 3.0. communication gateway.