We supplied four generator sets to the Hospital of Toledo

Electricity is of vital importance in hospitals and its abscence can cause fatal consequences for the patients, which is why the most advanced emergency power generation systems are required.

OR’s, ICU’s, ER’s and medical equipment all depend directly on technology and thus, electricity supply must be guaranteed.

Toledo’s new hospital, which is expected to open in the first trimestre of 2020, will have Genesal Energy emergency power through four generator sets of 2500 kVA in parallel operation. The hospital complex, whose investment exceeds 300 million euros, will include the most modern technology – in cutting-edge medical equipment alone, the Castilla y León Government has already invested 50 million euros -.


  • Open generator sets, 2250 KVA PRP and 2500 KVA STP.
  • Mitsubishi engine
  • Mecc Alte alternator
  • 50 Hz, 1500 rpm, 400/230 V.
  • Approved 1.000L double-walled fuel tank.
  • 4 units which will operate in parallel, 2 by 2.