We installed 14 anti-hurricane generators for a wind farm in Yucatán

The Yucatán region, in México, aspires to become a prime example of clean energy due to the installation of numerous wind farms. Nevertheless, Yucatán is an area prone to hurricanes and this type of installment must possess special emergency generator sets capable of facing these meteorological phenomena, which can harm the structure of the windmills considerably due to their extraordinary force.

In order to reduce the pressure that the wind exerts on the structure of the windmill, it must direct its nacelle and blades with the help of electric and hydraulic engines in such a way that the wind exerts as little force as possible with the help of the vane and the rest of the instrumentation.

Our client needed the windmills to be able to position themselves correctly and avoid serious harm in the case of a cyclone or a hurricane (and therefore, a possible mains failure in the wind farm).

Customised System

At Genesal, the client’s needs were analysed in order to provide an optimal solution, and a totally personalised system was proposed, providing alternators of a higher power to absorb current peaks during the start-up of the different engines that compose the windmill and avoid repercussions on the rest of the system caused by drops in voltage.

Previous tests were also carried out to verify the communication of the equipment and the response of the genset against the loads.

Once all of these steps were completed, we designed a diesel generator for each group of three to four windmills, finally providing 14 generator sets in communication with the whole ensemble of windmills through a fibre optic ring network.

Each genset in the wind farm receives start-up and stop commands from any of the windmills it feeds, supplying power to the main orientation systems of each of the windmills in a sequential manner.

The main objective is to avoid peaks or drops in voltage during the power supply. Furthermore, all parametres of each of these 14 gensets are monitorised through the wind farm’s SCADA system.

Technical Specs:

  • Prime power: 14×228 kVA
  • Stand-by power: 14×250 kVA
  • Voltage: 690 V
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • RPM: 1.800
  • Engine: Iveco
  • Alternator: Standford
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