Authorised Technical Support to attend the client with maximum efficiency and speed around the world. Preventative maintenance is carried out in the Spanish domestic market from our head office, using expert professionals.

National Technical Support

We have a large national network of technical support in 15 certified & authorised points around Spain, allowing us to respond quickly where the need for corrective maintenance applies.

We get the best feedback in the analysis of client-company situations, and now we offer the best service available in the market.

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Genesal Energy España

International Technical Support

Outside of our borders, on the international stage, we can count on an extensive network of technical assistance through contractual agreements made with recognised engine and alternator manufacturers, who can carry out a range of services such as commissioning, maintenance and corrective actions.

Additionally, in the Latin American market we are in constant contact with and supporting our branches, partners and authorized dealers from our European head office.

To ensure we get the best results, we maintain an extensive stock holding of original and spare parts to complete scheduled maintenance, or for any technical service action anywhere in the world.