Remote management, added value in Genesal Energy’s Technical Support Service

Remote management and SAT

Our Technical Support Service closed 2019 with sustained growth and the modernization of its vehicle fleet, which incorporates the latest ergonomic improvements.

Guaranteeing the reliability of our gensets and offering the best customer service are the pillars of Genesal Energy’s Techical Support Service, which in the last years has grown spectacularly. Our Technical Support Service is our maintenance, installation and reparation service which offers specialized attention with a clear objective: to achieve the best performance of the equipment to fully comply with the client’s needs.

“We’re a reference company when it comes to remote management and multi-brand service”, Marga González, Technical Support Manager, explains, adding that predictive maintenance (remote management and supervision system) has turned the Galician company in a reference company, both nationally and internationally, in the detection of possible breakdowns as well as the status of any unit through a stationary or mobile internet connection. Adjustments are also carried out remotely, impacting action time directly “as it is reduced considerably”, the area manager points out.

Comfort and security

More than 30 professionals form this business line which last year closed its accounts with a sustained growth in maintenance and has modernized its vehicle fleet through the incorporation of the market’s latest ergonomic improvements in order to avoid staff fatigue and make their job more comfortable. “We don’t consider it an expense, but an investment in quality for the peace of mind of our clients and employees. It’s a win-win”, says Marga González.

Their own load banks and a 24 hour service are the hallmark of Genesal Energy’s Technical Support Service. “Knowledge and innovation allow us to provide exclusive and personalized solutions, tailor-made for our clients”, says González.

Case Studies

The update of four gensets for an important television network has been one of Genesal Energy’s Technical Support Service’s latest projects. In this case, the existing controllers for parallel operation were substituted for three state-of-the-art control panels, and new circuit breakers were installed.

Our Technical Support team also carried out the update of the genset fleet of the substations of an important global electrical company in order to carry out predictive maintenance works. For this project, the substitution of more that 30 control panels, communication cards, pressure, temperature and fuel sensors were carried out in record time in order to comply with the client’s needs.

Another succesful project consisted in the study of the Modbus mapping of the genset fleet of an important telecommunications company to integrate the predictive maintenance of its units into its management and remote control system. For its execution, Genesal Energy analyzed almost a hundred mappings according to the features of each piece of equipment, their operation, environmental factors, climate…

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