The GENESAL ENERGY light tower range has been designed to operate in adverse climatic conditions.

Light Tower Characteristics

Due to their compact and easy to transport design, our light towers are ideal for any situation – whether its lighting a construction site, mining areas, or even for security such as storage areas or car parks.

Also, their low-level noise emissions mean they are especially ideal for public speaking events and other types of public performances.

  • Telescopic mast up to 9M (29 feet), either foldable or fixed. Available with mechanical or hydraulic elevation.
  • Personalised: Choose 4 or 6 lamps (iodine quartz / metal-halide / led) up to 9,000W and 180,000 lumens.
  • Trailer mountable (homologated) for road transport.
  • High autonomy due to large interior fuel tank.
  • Electrical or manual rotational system.

Additionally, power sockets can be added to the structure so that clients may meet other energy requirements in the vicinity.