Genesal Energy Technical Support Services grows 40% in genset maintenance in just 1 year.

Here at GENESAL ENERGY we believe that customer service does not stop when we close the sale of a product, on the contrary, it is when the sale has been made that the real work begins in terms of building customer loyalty. And that is done through efficiency, quality and building trust. Putting together and designing a maintenance program based on the individual clients needs whether for large fleets or individual genset units, is the hallmark of our Technical Support Services (SAT in Spanish). In the last few years our growth in this business unit has been spectacular, in many ways an occurrence brought on by clients who continuously demand more and better from Tech Support.


GENESAL ENERGY Tech Support (SAT), activities are based around maintenance, installation and the repair of generating sets, offering a very specialised level of attention by highly qualified professionals. Our objective is to ensure your product has the longest most efficient life span possible.

“Those who choose to invest our maintenance services are basing their choice on reliability, but also in trust, and peace of mind” assures Marga Gonzalez, director of GENESAL ENERGY Technical Support Services. She goes on to say that 40% growth in maintenance services for gensets in just 1 year clearly demonstrates an evolutionary market. Customer are more demanding than ever, and GENESAL ENERGY has taken up the gauntlet.

Our after sales support, is made up of almost 30 professionals, and is most definitely added value for the company, a part of our operation which carefully adapts to the supply/demand factors of the market offering solutions, services and adapted products, or in one word personalised. The GENESAL ENERGY Technical Support Service offers a wide range of solutions including three key areas of maintenance – corrective, preventative and predictive.

  • Corrective Maintenance – Solutions for breakdowns which depending on their origin (mechanical, electrical or electronical) cause operational malfunctions, which can even leave a genset out of service, which can potentially be a grave situation for the end user.
  • Preventative Maintenance – These services are adapted to the type of operation the genset is destined for, either PRP or ESP. The maintenance is adapted to the amount of usage given to the genset and may consist of annual technical inspections, supervision and virtual control amongst others. It also includes updating maintenance and improvements. In these cases, gensets are adapted to the changing circumstances in the customer’s needs (new alarms, config changes, control panel changes etc).
  • Predictive Maintenance: This entails personalised support over the phone and remote management, meaning Genesal Energy is your global reference at home and abroad when it comes to detecting potential breakdowns or faults in gensets worldwide using fixed or mobile wifi connections. Also as any necessary changes to the genset are carried out by remote management systems, the time spent on preventative maintenance is considerably shortened.

24/7 Support

Remote Control Systems fall in to the category of things that differentiates GENESAL ENERGY, and so does our ability to respond to our clients 24/7 throughout the entire year, offering non-stop high quality technical assistance.

Additionally, our dedication to R&D through our sector unique Technological Centre for Distributed Energy (CETED in Spanish), has not only consolidated our position as a market leader in our field, but its ongoing work compels us to be better with each project we do, to be better in every department and also in every new line of business.

In-House Technical Services

It is by being different that our Technical Support Services (SAT), can offer the highest levels of service: personalised solutions, our own high-powered load banks (unique in Spain), and of course a team of first class technical experts.

“In Genesal we have our own in house technical support services, something which distinguishes us from other companies in the sector”, indicated Marga, who also highlights the importance of being able to count on in-house experts who can intervene in any incident. She also went on to say, “Our team always have the support of the main factory, meaning our clients are covered at all times, something which is fundamental for us to offer the best service possible.”

The possibility to channel the incident, emit a diagnosis and repair the incident from Genesal Energy in record time without using external assistance is yet more added value from our after sales service. Why? Because it transmits reliability and trust, an essential value when discussing emergency generator sets where the solution process must be reliable and safe, but also quick.

Turnkey solutions are another service intimately connected to the efficiency offered by Technical Support Services. “We undertake the entire commissioning process of generators. From start to finish, full circle.” Marga tells us, who goes on to say that they have a specialist mobile team that can travel to the gensets on-site location to study and evaluate the distinct possibilities of an installation.

With the aim of guaranteeing a quick and immediate response anywhere in the country, GENESAL can also count on approx. 10 official technical services spread around Spain, covering the entire territory. “They are all highly capable professionals, who understand all the products leaving our factory to perfection.” The director reminds us.

Ongoing Training

One of the pillars of the Technical Support Services division, as with other departments in the company, is continuous training. The majority of this takes place in GENESAL’s very own inhouse training centre, allowing our own technicians and our external official support services to participate in all manners of professional development.

Knowledge and constant innovation are without doubt the correct path to follow to offer our clients the best and most impeccable attention possible combined with the best services.