We are continuously listening, learning and applying the necessary changes from the very beginning of the manufacturing process to the very end of the useful life of the genset. We integrate both the services of our Technological Centre for Distributed Energy (CETED in Spanish) and the best engineering solutions with our Technical Support Services (SAT) to ensure we accompany the client throughout the entire working life of the genset.

Our commitment to our Technological Centre for Distributed Energy (CETED) has led to Genesal Energy becoming a reference in the international market for the development of specialised gensets designing energy solutions for our clients with unique characteristics.


In-house engineering and technology adapting to the needs of each individual client. Unique and very specific products for the market.


Power from 5 kVA to 3,900 kVA
Best European quality products
Load bench to 3,300kVA

Logistics & Distribution

Extensive international network. Strong and direct supply-chain relationships.

Turnkey solutions

Technical Design Office / Technical assessment / Commissioning

Technical Support Services at Genesal Energy will define, design and execute specific maintenance programs built around the client’s needs. Additionally, we can install, commission and update generator sets of any brand on the market.

Technical Support Services

Telephone Support
24/7 Support
Spare parts available

Training Center

On-site training centre available to our clients.

Making Genesal Energy gensets a product with constant evolution and improvement.


We are very experienced in the full installation and then start-up of electric generators. Our experts will personally analyse the genset location in order to record the necessary data. Our engineering department will then design the solution for the genset installation, concluding with the start-up operation.


Once a genset has been installed START-UP can be carried out by our technical team which entails testing and fully verifying that each stage of the operational protocol is met.


We hold extensive stocks of spare parts of all of the brands we work with, including our own product ranges. This helps us respond in minimal time to any incident while supplying European quality product.


In order to satisfy our clients’ demands we offer a complete remote management control system and long distance management of gensets through Ethernet systems.


Our specialists will make your generator operational again in the shortest possible time. GENESAL ENERGY has a direct line to all the parts suppliers ensuring quickly delivered replacement parts


We can adapt gensets to new working conditions such as changes to alarms and configuration, as well as renewals of the control panel, fuel tank and more.