Genesal Energy Electrical Generator, dual voltage and dual frequency


500-550 KVA / designed for industry leader in cold storage installations for the South American market.

The client, an industry leading company in cold-storage facilities, had a special request: On the one hand, they needed and emergency backup power option for their manufacturing plant at 50Hz. However, they also need an alternative energy source to carry out testing on machinery (freezers, water recovery systems etc) at 60Hz for products which would be sold to Latin American markets. Because of the different voltage and frequency used in Central & South American countries the power grid in the client’s European base prevents them from testing products in authentic conditions. Hence the reason for an alternative power source to allow testing in the conditions found in Latin American markets. It was for these reasons that GENESAL ENERGY designed a “dual frequency” solution to meet all their needs.

GENESAL ENERGY developed a specific project to ensure a power supply with two power supply functions:

  • Emergency back up to provide electricity to the clients European manufacturing plant in case of a power grid failure.
  • Provide an electricity source for testing machinery built with different voltage and frequency.



Design and manufacture of a 500-550 KVA genset to operate in emergencies, giving an independent power supply in case of a power grid failure to two workshops at 400/230 V 50Hz. At the same time, it will also give a power supply to a testing bench at 400/230V 50Hz or 460/266V 60Hz in manual mode.


Was to design a genset with three operational modes:

  • Emergency power for workshop 1 at 400/230V 50Hz
  • Emergency power for workshop 2 at 400/230V 50Hz
  • Power supply for a testing bench at 400/230V 50Hz or 460/266V 60Hz



We opted for a newly designed 4500mm long canopy, with a view to easy access for maintenance and mechanical operations, along with an 800l fuel tank integrated in the base frame, to ensure a constant power supply for extended periods before having to refuel.

Only one control panel was installed for the entire control of all operations required from the genset, and at twice the size of a standard genset control panel This was integrated in to the interior of the genset with a front access window panel for visual access, although for safety and security, access is only gained by the authorised key holder to the control panel


  • Prime Power: 500 KVA
  • Standby power: 550 KVA
  • Frequency : 50Hz/60Hz
  • RPM: 1500 /1800
  • Dimensions: Length 4515mm, width 1710mm,
  • height 2260mm
  • Weight: 4510 kg


  • Dual voltage and dual frequency
  • Modbus TCP-IP (IB-LITE) communication device
  • Oil extraction pump
  • Automatic start up in case of grid failure
  • 800L internal base frame integrated fuel tank with
  • connections for future link to external fuel tank
  • Up to 11 hours of autonomy at 80% load, or 18
  • hours at 50%.
  • Battery disconnector