Gensets manufactured by GENESAL ENERGY respect the environment thanks to their high fuel efficiency and low emissions.

High compatability

Gas gensets produced by GENESAL ENERGY are highly compatible with the natural gas grid supplies or with fuel tanks.

Thanks to standardisation in production, we can offer efficient gas gensets at the best price in the marketplace.

  • They respect the environment due to reduced particle emissions.
  • Economical and reliable: Perfect for applications where continued use is required, signifying a huge saving with respect to diesel.
  • High compatibility and application: They can be installed in remote locations with high capacity fuel provisions.
  • Highly efficient in co-generation.
  • Quiet: Gas powered generators cause significantly lower acoustic emissions when compared to a diesel genset.



In addition to the 50 Hz generators shown in this catalogue, we also have 60 Hz gas generator sets.
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