Emergency Power for the Saudi Arabian embassies in Ghana, Cameroon, Niger and Zambia

Energía de emergencia para las embajadas de Arabia Saudí


Design and manufacture of emergency back-up gensets for the Saudi Arabian embassies situated in Ghana, Cameroon, Niger and Zambia, ensuring they will continue to have electricity in the event of a power cut in the mains grid supply.


The first stage in partnership with the construction firm responsible for building the embassies was a rethink to ensure that the gensets were adequately installed according to their characteristics.

The final design was completed, followed by the acquisition of the required materials to ensure the production deadline was met. Finally, the gensets (both mechanical and electrical parts) were built, culminating in testing for approved standards certificates in conjunction with the consultant responsible for design approval and signing off on the delivery.

A total of 20 gensets have successfully been installed: four in Ghana, five each in Niger and Cameroon, and a total of six gensets in Zambia.
Although the gensets appear to be very similar, they were configured differently in each room where they have been installed, depending on the position of the fuel tank as well as the accompanying cables. This also included the need for adequate busbars for the fitting of the power cables to the gensets.

Each embassy now has a set of gensets giving back up support to the main on-site buildings. Regarding the genset operational setting, depending on the embassy, this could entail running in parallel between the gensets. It also permits added power output or redundancy, useful where if one genset fails, the others or another will take up the load demand. The project was completed with individual gensets installed in to the underground bunker found in each compound.


Emergency Power7 x 1100 KVA / 2 x 2200 KVA / 8 x 27 KVA / 3 x 1.400 KVA
Voltage400/230 V
Frequency50 Hz

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