Combined Cycle Power Plant – Mexico


PROJECT ID Combined Cycle Power Plant, Valle De Mexico II
OUTPUT 1980/2178 kVA
TYPE Soundproofed
SPECIALLY CONFIGURED Genset manufactured according to a range of specific conditions as determined by the engineering


GENESAL ENERGY has supplied an emergency power genset with a power rating of 2178 kVa which will be used as a back-up for the Combined Cycle Power Plant Valle de Mexico II in the municipality of Acolman (Mexico State). Once finalised the plant itself will have an output power capacity of 615 MW and will operate with natural gas, at an approximate cost of 700 million $USD in construction investment.

The power plant itself will contribute to a 4 % increase in available energy to meet the growing energy needs in the centre of the country.

This particular project has been delivered in conjunction with our GENESAL ENERGY Mexican branch, which has for many years contributed and supported the growth of the Mexican energy sector.