Emergency power for a fish factory in Norway

Supply of two generators to a fish farm in Norway

Genesal Energy supplies emergency power to the Steinkjer fish-farm in Norway with gensets synchronised in parallel


Precision pre-heating systems and a stable power supply to combat the very low temperatures found in Northern Europe were just some of the key characteristics of this customised project carried out by Genesal Energy for the Steinkjer fish factory (town pop. 21,000) in the Trondheim fjord in North Norway.

Fish factories are singular installation: containing water temperature, water flow and recirculation control systems, designed specifically to maintain and foment conditions as close as possible to the natural sea environment for ideal fish growth. They therefore require a constant and stable electricity supply due to the delicacy of the product. For this reason, back up emergency gensets that become operational if there is power grid cut are crucial, a power cut of just a few minutes can lead to large economic losses for the business.

In the case of the Steinjker fish factory there was an added difficulty – the climate; The town is in North Norway an area very prone to very low temperatures. For this project, an emergency backup system of 2600kVA was calculated in order to supply the load required for continued activity, and the overall design needed to fit in to a small area.

To meet the client’s needs, Genesal Energy came up with the idea of 4 gensets to run in parallel, each with a rating of 650kVA, ensuring that if there was a power grid failure, the four engines are sharing the entire load and guaranteeing normal functionality in the fish factory itself.

Designed to meet the client’s needs

DSC_1280_R DSC_1269_R

Not only was it important that the genset emergency system could supply the load in the minimum time possible and with maximum reliability, it was actually considered a high priority. Using 3D technology Genesal also designed the entire installation project.

The project, aptly named “Fishfarm”, included aspects such as made to measure gensets, ventilation in the room they were to be located, and a connected fuel supply system. Once an exhaustive study of the client’s needs had been carried out the entire design and manufacturing process was carried out at GENESAL’s headquarters in northwest Spain, as follows:

  1. Assembly of 4 synchronised gensets in parallel, built to fit perfectly in the end-users on site storage room, and to secure handle the loads that will be required
  2. High quality engines and alternators were chosen for their reliability
  3. Manufacture of auxiliary systems for start-up in very low temperatures (guaranteeing optimal functionality)

Special characteristics of the emergency gensets

  • Automatic fuel transfer system
  • Parallel synchronisation
  • Automatic motor protection thermal magnetic circuit breakers, with the outlet in the top of the genset, due to the complex characteristics of the installation onsite.
  • Modbus communication board
  • Manual oil extraction pump
  • Low temperature start up system
  • 400 litre internal mainframe fuel tank

Technical data

  • Prime power: 590kVA
  • Standby power: 650KVA
  • RPM: 1500
  • Dimensions: 3560x1230x2075 mm
  • Weight: 3,600 KG

The Fishfarm project is yet another example of Genesals focus on designing and participating in distinctive projects requiring a very distinctive touch. The integral service, along with constant innovation, in-house technology and the company’s ability to diversify, allows Genesal to take complex situations from the drawing board and make them a reality, just some of Genesals identifying marks.