Emergency back up power for the Machala General Hospital (Ecuador), a healthcare facility with 36 specialities and a catchment area of 350,000 people


Genesal Energy has recently supplied 4 electrical generators as backup power for the Machala General Hospital in Ecuador. A modern facility it’s healthcare options include 36 areas of specialisation for a region of 350,000 in the El Oro Province, one of the country’s most important administrative and financial centres.

Designed by Genesal Energy the emergency gensets form an essential part of the electrical installation within the complex, which covers 24,000 sq. metres and contains 200 patient beds.

The Genesal Energy solution is a guarantee of a continued power supply for the hospital in the event of a grid failure for national network, ensuring the hospital remains fully operational and that all vital healthcare continues. The Genesal Energy solution means the gensets have been prepared to operate in parallel two by two, supplying 1254 kVA per genset pairing, as well as automatic start up if there is a g power cut in the external grid supply.

The nature of these projects means that the any unexpected eventuality can be fatal. The gensets have therefore been designed with one clear objective, to immediately support the loads demanded should the normal external power supply stop functioning. Aside of their maximum operational precision, the gensets have been sound proofed for outdoor installation and to ensure that noise levels are kept to a minimum I the surrounding area.



  • Prime Power: 570 Kva
  • Standby Power: 627 Kva
  • Voltage: 220 / 127 V
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • RPM: 1800 rpm
  • Dimensions: 5000 x 1886 x 2356mm
  • Weight: 5680 kg



Situated in the city of Vigo, north-west of Spain, the new hospital Álvaro Cunqueiro covers an area  of 280,000 m², has beds for 1465 patients and will provide healthcare servides to a population of 600,000 people.


The customers asked GENESAL ENERGY for a full back-up energy solution in case of a mains failure, to cover a total of 11.2 MW (14,000 kVA) with automatic start system and conection to the SCADA room. The solution needs also to comply with high noise attenuation standars to not affect the normal functioning of the hospital when running.


Hospital Vigo generadorGENESAL ENERGY designed, manufactured and commissioned eight gensets to provide the hospital with the 11.2 MW needed:

  • Six GEN1875H (1875 kVA/1500 kW)
  • Two GEN1375H (1375 kVA/1100 kW)

With the following special features:

  • Automatic start upon mains failure with 3-phase monitoring of mains.
  • Full control system and automatic transfer switchboards.
  • Modbus communication between generator and SCADA room.
  • Maximum sound attenuation through -40dB silent exhaust system and sound attenuator.
  • Automatic fuel transfer system between each individual fuel tank and the main fuel tank of the facilities.

BenefitsGenerador Hospital Vigo

GENESAL ENERGY provided the customer with an fully automatic and an over-the-top reliable solution, designed under a strict specification sheet, both for safety and comfort.