We’ve supplied emergency power to one of the most luxurious business centres in Manchester

At Genesal Energy we’ve supplied emergency power to one of the most luxurious business centres in Great Britain, located in Manchester, one of England’s most important cities. Protecting business centres against possible mains failures is essential to guarantee their correct operation, as meetings, events and other activities pertaining to the business world are carried out inside.

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    To provide power in the event of a mains failure in one of the most important business centres in Manchester, containing high-class offices, meeting rooms and training centres, which make it one of the most renowned complexes in the North of the country.

Upon analyzing the business centre, which has offices, meeting rooms and a high capacity training centre, and having listened to our client’s needs, we manufactured and supplied a 2250 kVA generator set prepared to operate in parallel with the mains. The genset was designed made-to-measure, and had to also comply with low sound emissions.

These are the genset’s main features:


  • 2000L double-walled fuel tank installed in its own independent room inside the container.
  • Genset designed to achieve 85 dBA@1m.
  • Deep Sea control panel prepared for parallel to mains operation and a motorized breaker.
  • Power cabinet with busbar for the power cables, which were connected up to a protection box prepared to withstand corrosion on the outside of the container, to which the client would connect the necessary power busbar.