Through our 24-hour service, our clients have got permanent Technical Support Services 365 days a year, giving you maximum quality non-stop service.

Immediate attention and follow up

Telephone assistance 24/7

This area of customer support has been designed to resolve anomalies or breakdowns that can occur out of hours. To maximise this service the employee designated by the customer to manage the generator/s we have installed, is provided with a direct line and access code to a GENESAL ENERGY technician.

This service is specifically aimed at generators that are:

  • Operational 24/7
  • Have technicians in-situ 24/7
  • Requiring specialist technical support

24h Support Services

In a situation where our remote support, i.e phone support, is not sufficient to deal with the issues that have arisen, by contracting this service GENESAL ENERGY SAT guarantees the presence in-situ of one of our specialist technicians. If our stock holding on spare parts and materials allows for this as well as personnel availability, we will aim to fix the genset issue in a maximum time of 24 hours (this may be less depending on the contractual agreement).

  • Supply a critical service
  • Need to be operational 24/7
  • Require technical specialist support with reference to gensets